“I have had horses at a variety of boarding stables throughout Maryland and Virginia for over 40 years. I have kept my horse at Pogue Mahone for four years and the care is by far the best I have ever seen.  My mare prefers living outside, but I have had a very difficult time finding a farm that will provide high quality care for horses on field board. Kathy hays and grains all the field board horses daily, takes blankets on and off as necessary, and keeps an incredibly watchful eye on each and every horse. She truly treats each horse as if he/she is her own.  In addition, Kathy has worked with a variety of equine vets, so she is incredibly knowledgeable about equine health issues and is a wonderful resource if I have questions or concerns about my mare. This is the first farm I have ever boarded where the manager notices potential problems with my horse before I do.  I also very much appreciate the environment Kathy has created at her farm.  Kathy and the other boarders are lovely people and a delight to spend time with.  I find this farm a perfect balance of social opportunities and time alone with my horse. Both my horse and I are VERY happy at this lovely farm!!! “  –Diana


“Tango, my 28 year old, set in his ways, American Saddle bred gelding, came to live at Pogue Mahone farm early in 2007.  He was confused, skinny and in much need of  some special TLC. At Pogue Mahone farm he fell into horse heaven. Kathy has a true love and concern for all the horses put in her charge. She is very skilled in the art of caring for horses and extremely dedicated to her profession. She attends to Tango’s special social and dietary needs in such a way that he now resembles his old self. Tango is never stressed, he has his own “small” group of friends he pastures with, a full belly all the time and enjoys quiet trail rides on “his” farm. I will never ask him to leave this spot, it has truly become his home. ”     -S. Cox