About Us

Located in Jefferson, Maryland—just minutes from Frederick, MD and close to Leesburg, VA and Charles Town, WV—Pogue Mahone is a Maryland Licensed Boarding Facility located on 160 acres of lush farmland. Offering full care in the field, our horses live outside but acquire the same care and attention as a full board facility would give.
The owner, a licensed veterinary technician with extensive experience in colic, foaling and other medical emergencies, believes wholly in the health and well being of the horse and offers exceptional individualized care for a limited number of horses.

Secluded, the farm sits away from major roads, offering the ideal environment for any horse. The fields—home to no more than five horses at a time—are a lush grass mix; with three board fencing and large run-in sheds. And pasture mates are chosen with great care, in hopes of creating a natural and harmonious bond with as little stress as possible. And while we specialize in field board, a limited number of stalls are available for emergencies or special situations.