Full Care in the Field

Pogue Mahone Farm is now offering full care field board to a limited number of clients. Specializing in the care of older horses and their nutritional requirements, each companion will receive excellent care as they enjoy their freedom., It truly is the ideal situation for your beloved retiree or special needs horse. Care includes twice daily feedings with Purina feed, locally grown Timothy hay, routine de-worming, addition of supplements/medications to feed, sheeting or blanketing, booting and attending horses for emergency veterinary, farrier or dental care. Our pastures are lush and grassy in warm weather, and during colder months, hay is provided in the fields as needed.


·    Our rule is no more than 1 horse for every 1 1/2 acres
·    Stalls are available for full board care and lay-ups
·    Field board is $325/month
·    Full board is $425/month
·    Lay-ups start at $18 a day and is limited; please inquire